Our App Accelerated the Expedition of Orders and Made Training New Warehouse Workers Easier

Find something you like and order it on the internet store, then go to a brick-and-mortar shop, try it out, and either buy it or send it back to the warehouse. ZOOT is one of the most interesting brands on the Czech ecommerce scene. We developed an application which helps parcels reach their customers sooner, and is so easy to use that a warehouse trainee can be working at 100% capacity in under 10 minutes.

A Picking Application which Was Impossible to Improve 

Much like most internet shops and wholesale stores, ZOOT was struggling with its warehouse efficiency. The product pipeline, from truck to their designated rack and then to the store, was long and generated too much paperwork and errors. “The warehouse employees were using some simple app for preparing orders, but this solution was not enough for ZOOT,” says Pavel Tupec, Hyverr CEO. 

Tupec explains the main reason why ZOOT was searching for a new partnership: “Simply said, they needed a tool which would allow a complete novice in the warehouse to find any item on their first try. And which would be custom-integrated with the warehouse system. Their supplier at the time could not do it.” 

We were recommended for the job by our partner Mibcon, specialists on SAP implementation.

About ZOOT 

A Czech shop selling clothes, shoes, cosmetics and interior design items. The company has their central warehouse in the town of Říčany, from where they send orders from the internet store to their or their partners’ shops. The group, which includes ZOOT, also operates in Slovakia, Italy, Croatia and other European countries. Other sellers can furthermore sell through its ‘market place’ at ZOOT.

Important Insight: Newly Onboarded Employees for Black Friday and Christmas Have to Learn Fast

We spent two days at ZOOT in order to perfectly grasp the company’s needs. “Being in the field with the app’s future users is absolutely key to developing a solution which will be made to fit,” explains Tupec. During a meeting with the management, we found out that ZOOT is struggling with employee fluctuation in the warehouse. “And then there was Black Friday and Christmas, when the company hires new people to help out, and they need to be trained fast,” adds Tupec. 

We compiled a task sheet where we emphasized that:

  • the application had to be UX friendly,

  • integrated with the standing warehouse management system (custom-made in PHP),

  • also ready for future integration with the new warehouse management system (K2),

  • and that after its implementation, we would develop an accompanying application for Windows which would facilitate the labeling of completed orders and their transfer to shipping and delivery.

We defined important project milestones and started working out the analytic part – its main outcomes were the so-called wireframes. “In collaboration with Mibcon, we sketched out the entire application and showed them every detail of how it would look. The wireframes helped us fine-tune the task even before we wrote the first line of code,” describes Tupec.

300 Work Hours Later, the ZOOT Warehouse Works Great 

We built the native application in Java for Android, and it runs on Zebra TC70 terminals with an integrated bar code reader for quick and easy scanning. After testing and implementing it, we developed a second application for printing labels for external shipping providers.  

“Now when a new order comes into the warehouse, the warehouse worker merely walks between the racks, scans the codes, and puts the items in the box. Then they place it on a smart conveyor belt which feeds it to the next station. There, another worker either adds an item or prints labels on the computer and hands it over for expedition. Because the orders are fulfilled from hundreds of thousands of items, ZOOT is saving hours of work on each shift. And operating it is so intuitive that employees can work at 100% with very little training,“ concludes Tupec.

The application is used by 150 warehouse workers every day, and the design and development took about 300 work hours. Everything is furthermore ready to connect to a dashboard which will give managers a detailed overview of the warehouse activity. We have an SLA contract, and in 2022 we added some new hardware to the ecosystem – Datalogic scanners.

What does the client say about the cooperation?

"The cooperation with Hyverr has always been perfect. It's a partner you can rely on - it will help you come up with a solution and finish it within the agreed deadline. The solution is robust, so stable even in the biggest peaks. The app with its graphical user interface has made it faster for us to train new colleagues and makes it easier to pick clothes in the warehouse every day. We continue to develop the solution, but it is so well designed that we don't have to make drastic interventions in terms of compatibility."

- Petr Bína, IT & Technology Manager

We Can Develop a Native Warehouse Application for You Too 

We will use the experience gained over the course of the ZOOT project for your warehouse. We would first map your processes and then propose an application which would fit with your current warehouse and company management systems. Your workers in the field will enjoy using the application, and you can streamline all your warehouse operations.

Start with a free consultation. During 30 minutes we can discuss your plans and propose a solution. 

Contact Petr Pavliš, Business Development Manager at Hyverr, at petr.pavlis@hyverr.com or give him a call at +420 776 629 083.

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