Mobile Apps to Boost the Efficiency of Salespeople, Drivers, Warehouse Workers, or Facility Managers

We make the job of field workers easier, while managers can keep tabs on the important things, and companies operate virtually paperless and without the need for Excel spreadsheets.

Understand the Specifics of Your Industry, Map Your IT Systems, and Spend a Few Days Out in the Field with Employees

That is how we create a custom-made solution for your needs – the data will flow where it should, you can avoid uncomfortable process changes, and users will enjoy working with our apps every chance they get.

We have been focusing on software development for nearly 15 years, have helped more than 40 clients and since 2020 we belong to the OKIN technological group.

Our Apps Already Make a Difference

A More Effective Warehouse for ZOOT

We accelerated the fulfillment of orders and made training new warehouse employees easier – with our application, a trainee can work at 100% in under 10 minutes.

Better Tabs on the Brewery 

We developed an app for sales people which facilitates order management and pipe maintenance in restaurants. And drivers no longer lose any beer kegs along the way.

Selling Fertilizer and Seed Is Now Easier

The sales people of BOR have been saving dozens of work hours every month, never need to copy data from paper to database, and have the complicated commissions system at their fingertips.

Testing a Fintech Company’s Viability

The Czech fintech company Cleo needed an application prototype for shadowing brokers at the commodity exchange. They had the idea and business model but lacked the development capacity.

The Missing Piece of Your IT Systems

We connect the app to your ERP and/or CRM, integrate third-party services (for example remote vehicle monitoring) and we can connect to your delivery provider’s system via an API.

Field workers use our app on a regular Android-compatible smartphone, a tablet, a Zebra terminal, or similar device. It is easy to add a barcode reader, external printer or anything else people might need in their line of work.

A Ready-Made Solution for the Maintenance of Machines and Systems

Hyverr Service Desk is an online tool which ensures the smooth management of maintenance procedures – in putting requests, administration, planning, task evidencing, and control. It is accessible 24/7 via both website and mobile application.

Technologies We Use the Most 

Planning a Project and Need an App?

Contact us for a free consultation. We can present some potential solutions and save you hours of time searching.

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