A Ready-Made Solution for Maintaining Machines and Systems

Hyverr Service Desk is an online tool which ensures the smooth management of maintenance procedures – like inputting requests, administration, planning, task evidencing and control. It is accessible 24/7 through a website and mobile application.

Get an Overview of Maintenance Checks on Air Conditioning, Production Lines or Other Systems

Hyverr Service Desk makes maintenance of all company systems simple, and in case of any breakdown you have all the documentation right at your fingertips. 

Stop hand-copying data from paper to database, prevent system outage, and avoid possible injury and fines for devices requiring regular care by law.

The solution is tailored to your own work-flow and established procedures – not the other way round.

Log into the application from any regular smartphone or computer.

Service Desk works in accordance with Czech legislation and GDPR laws.

Favorite Features of Hyverr Service Desk

reporting failures in evidencing internal client requests (Help Desk)

oversight of buildings, technologies, devices, utilities, review checks and documentati

planning both periodic and one-time activities 

has a smart search, and allows uploading and filtering data with the help of NFC/QR

electronic signature for confirming task completion

logging repair expenses

Service Desk Makes Life Easier for Thousands of Users

Manufacturing and logistics

Maintenance workers or work safety specialists stay informed about company machines and know when to order spare parts.

Supermarkets and retail chains

Maintenance workers know when to check the A/C system, refrigerator, or storefront retractable blind.

Property managers

Keep data on all your spaces and offices in one place. Never again miss a review on fire extinguishers, elevators or escape routes. 

Specialized maintenance firms

Managers sending their employees into the field know they have all the instructions they need at their fingertips.

Boost Your Productivity with Hyverr Service Desk

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