We use proven, field tested components to empower work.

Using pre-built modules for the most robust technology platforms, we rapidly assemble solutions that make work faster, easier and safer.

Technology makes life better.

In our personal lives we take the simplicity of our devices for granted. 

Data at a touch. Apps that make tasks simple. Connections which are always-on, secure and up-to-date. Instant maps and route guidance. Accessories that simply work, straight out of the box. Payments ready to tap and go.

Why can't we say the same for field systems?

Building great technology solutions for the field, fast.

Our proven, reusable field components enable us to rapidly assemble work experiences that mirror the simplicity of consumer apps. Mobile devices, cloud services and smart networking applied relentlessly to make life easier for workers. Deep integration with existing business systems and technical equipment.

With the proven security and resilience you would expect from an enterprise-grade solution.

Accelerated development with pre-built components

We have huge experience building field systems for some of the most demanding industrial, commercial and environmental use cases.

By analyzing the most commonly required features we have been able to create a set of reusable components that industrialize our expertise and accelerate the delivery of systems for any client.

Enabling us to assemble totally bespoke field systems from pre-built standard components.

Balancing in-built expertise with a perfect fit.

Our approach offers a better alternative to the traditional buy vs build dilemma. We offer the built-in knowledge and expertise of a packaged application but with the perfect fit of custom development. All wrapped up in a practical, field-based process that ensures you get the best possible outcome from your precious investment.

Packaged applications

Packaged applications provide a quick start but are expensive, impossible to customize and create huge drag by forcing workers to waste time working around inflexible fixed features designed in a far away office.

Hyverr assemblies

Our proven toolbox of pre-built building blocks for field work enables us to configure highly personalised solutions - combining the built-in expertise and accelerated delivery of a packaged application with the flexibility and ideal fit of custom development.

Custom development

Digital agencies can create a perfect solution but their lack of expertise in field work means they have to learn as they go, wasting your time, money and input reinventing the most basic features from scratch..

From field force to sales force (and everything in between.)

Our reusable components contain a wealth of knowledge that can make field work better across all industries.

We've assembled inspection applications for energy and utility companies. Aircraft handling applications for aviation companies. Financial contract signing applications for insurance companies. Stock picking applications for warehousing companies. Delivery applications for logistics companies. Surgical applications for hospitals.

Because field workers need apps fit for the field.

Check out what clients say

We were amazed how quickly the Hyverr team were able to assemble a solution that matched our needs. We thought we were going to have to choose between a mediocre solution or committing more budget than we wanted, but they fixed that.

Production manager

Manufacturing company

Ready to make field work better?


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