Our solutions make field work better

in your industry.

We build robust and easy to use solutions that enable field workers to stay connected. For industrial, agricultural, retail and financial use cases.

We make field work better.

From airports to energy and from facilities to transportation, we want to help people in the field do their best work with the minimum of fuss and bother. Because field work done better means more fulfilled workers and a better running society for everyone.

Here are some examples of how we could help.

Agriculture & Environment

From landscape management and equipment maintenance through to remote monitoring of heavy plant, our connected mobile solutions can help increase your efficiency, sustainability and yield.


From aircraft handling and inspection processes through to ground crew scheduling and support, our mobile solutions can help maximize the efficiency and safety of aircraft turnaround.

Facilities Management

From cleaning schedules and incident management through to maintenance planning and environmental control, our mobile solutions can help maximize building comfort and efficiency.

Financial Services

From sales optimization and contract closures through to on-site visits for mortgages or insurance incidents, our mobile solutions can help deliver better decisions in the field, faster.


From patient records and medical data capture through to surgical videos and remote diagnosis and consultation, our mobile solutions can help maximize the speed and accuracy of treatment.

Hospitality & Restaurants

From just in time inventory and online reservations through to order taking and mobile payments, our mobile solutions maximize the throughput, efficiency and profitability of venues.

Logistics & Warehousing

From warehouse picking and management through to driver routing and parcel tracking, our connected mobile solutions can help maximize the efficiency and profitability of deliveries.


From production line optimization and quality assurance through to equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance, our mobile solutions can help maximize the up time and quality of production.


From stock management and just in time inventory through to store incident management and rostering, our mobile solutions can help maximize the availability of stock, stores and staff.


From network installation and cabling through to mast maintenance and remote monitoring, our mobile solutions can help maximize the capacity, up time and efficiency of networks.


From online ticket sales and timetables through to service update notifications and rolling stock maintenance, our mobile solutions can help increase the timeliness and throughput of transportation.


From engineering and infrastructure maintenance through to safety inspections and remote monitoring of assets, our mobile solutions maximize asset up time, efficiency and safety.

From field force to sales force (and everything in between.)

Irrespective of industry we can help make field work better for almost anyone in your business.

We've armed sales people with customer data and electronic contracts that flow smoothly into existing CRM and ERP systems, enabling better decisions right in the field. We've helped facilities managers and maintenance staff to monitor buildings and make timely repairs. We've empowered inspectors and engineers with the information they need to maintain critical infrastructure. And we've helped drivers and mobile workers take the optimum route required to maximize the value of their time.

Whatever your industry, trust us to know the field.

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Working with Hyverr was a pleasure. They thrive on finding simple solutions to complex problems. The team is very knowledgeable and dedicated to providing excellent service.

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