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About Hyverr

We have been developing apps for field workers (Workers in Field) since 2010. Thanks to the combination of state-of-the-art technology and Hyverr's connection with the OKIN Group of companies we are able to bring digitization experience in the area of building operations, including technologies and equipment in industrial areas, to dozens of our clients. We provide a systemic solution for the management of various activities and the registration of documents and data related to their management.

We take pride in more than a 100 successfully finished projects. We understand our customers’ needs in various businesses across all sectors. We offer the right solutions for a seamless operation of buildings, technologies and equipment in production and industrial environments.

When developing our solutions, we focus on a better understanding of people's work, processes and process optimization. We create user-friendly solutions that increase users’ productivity. Our cloud solutions also provide managers with a full overview of their employees’ work and the status of the equipment and technology register.

Client's needs

What challenges do industrial production companies face?

Equipment and machinery are the main asset of each manufacturing company and require careful and regular maintenance. This means constant supervision of their service, regular inspection and necessary maintenance.

Adding all of these devices to the registry is demanding for several reasons. The administration is not centralized and is performed in several different parts of the company. Equipment documentation and inspection protocols are often in paper form and require very thorough records and time-consuming browsing. Key machines require their own service inspections beyond the scope of legislation – such as preventive maintenance. These records do not fall within the legislative definition of an inspection; therefore, it is difficult to combine these two different processes into one information system.

Companies usually use a single unshared Excel spreadsheet in order to get at least a basic overview. The spreadsheets, however, do not contain the certification of individual devices and the status of technical maintenance or service interventions. They are also difficult to navigate and search in or to generate regular reports for various departments such as Finance, Legal, Facility and Maintenance. The spreadsheets do not provide a calendar with incoming service and revisions notifications. There is also a risk of data loss. Every such failure leads to an increase in costs, financial losses and a decrease in customer trust.

What are the real requirements for the management, maintenance and inspection of technologies in production?

The Technical Maintenance Department needs to keep good track of technologies and be able to quickly check on the status of their inspections. They need systematic control tools, i.e., powerful applications for technical maintenance worker management and service request management and continuous compliance with legal requirements and statutory deadlines related to operational technologies.

Plant Managers need access to operational data, the efficiency of service activities and the costs they generate. They require regular reporting and continuous analysis of the effectiveness of the ongoing processes.

Market situation and competitive edge

A typical obstacle that prevents effective maintenance is dependence on information from people, decision making based on feelings or long-established habits, complex organizational structure or insufficient supervision over performed activities.

Main factors preventing improvement include:

  • Non-systematic technology register, non-existent or irregular reporting
  • Duplicate inspections register (paper + electronic document) does not allow a consolidated view of the state of production technologies
  • non-existent unified overview of missing or expired inspections, which can result in a risk of injuries, malfunctions and fines
  • late detection of poorly performed maintenance, the poor quality of which is reflected in the production process
  • low flexibility of management of maintenance workers
  • insufficient cost versus budget control
  • administrative burden connected to keeping the cost records consisting of paper documents
  • service process which is impossible to integrate into the existing information systems

Our solution Hyverr Service Desk

Hyverr Service Desk is an above-standard online process management tool – creation of requirements, administration, planning, performance records and task checking within integrated technical maintenance services. The solution is suitable for irregular tasks, accidents and breakdowns, repairs, but also for repetitive tasks, such as regular inspections and scheduled maintenance.

Main Attributes of Hyverr Service Desk

  • Available 24/7 through an online web portal and mobile app for in-house workers and field workers. Possibility to record, monitor and evaluate all employee activities.
  • Support of multi-level approval processes for regular and irregular activities (repairs, accidents) within pre-defined limits and competence of the Maintenance Department.
  • Processes are adapted to various types of services and are modifiable according to client's requirements, including time limits, process owners and process map.
  • There is no need for a specific software or hardware, an internet browser or a mobile phone is sufficient.
  • Data-based efficiency evaluation and management of supplied services. Compliance with current legislation, includes decrees and standards.
  • High level of security, compliance with GDPR requirements.

Functionality and product benefits

Our solution includes

  • Help Desk – internal / client requirements register
  • Regular and irregular actions planner
  • Facility, technology and equipment register and management
  • Legal compliance – equipment register, activity planning, inspections, documentation
  • Mobile app to manage and record the work of operation technicians, maintenance and cleaning workers
  • Electronic register of meter readings, cleaning staff checklist
  • Intelligent browsing, loading and data filtering via NFC/QR
  • Electronic signature in mobile app – client confirmation
  • Full text browser for Word, Excel, PDF/scan documents in the system – contracts, inspections, technical documentation, personnel documents, etc.
  • Administration and management of internal and client processes - contract approval, multilevel approval, HR processes, back-office processes, legislation, etc.
  • Documents circulation management

Benefits of our solution

  • Systemic register of all communication with a date, time and location stamp, including history
  • Compliance with legal requirements – statutory inspections, regular procedures, service and maintenance inspections
  • An overview of operating costs including a cost planner
  • Control mechanism – time snapshot of the day of the operation maintenance workers
  • Regular or irregular collection of documents, including escalation mechanism
  • Approval tool – digitization of internal and external processes
  • Process efficiency

Pricing examples

Typical Hyverr Service Desk platform installation

  • Initialization, solution setup based on customer’s processes and services
  • One-off payment starting from 92 800 Kč

Dedicated cloud environment

  • SLA guaranteed at 95%
  • 8/5/4 support
  • Volume of pre-paid services: 12 hours
  • Up to 100 licences for field workers
  • Up to 500 licences for in-house users
  • Unlimited number of properties
  • Starting from 24 000 Kč

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