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We specialize in developing custom mobile applications for field workers, such as sales representatives, drivers,warehouse workers, technicians, and surveyors—anyone who works primarily outside of a traditional office setting.

Advantages of our applications

  • Customization

  • Flexibility

  • Simplicity

  • Supervision

  • Offline functionality

  • Cost and time savings

Across verticals, we have industry solutions for

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Mobile Solutions for Dealers

Mobile solutions for sales reps provide you with valuable data from the field and enable you to improve your sales and marketing strategy.

The real-time mobile app provides your sales/field staff access to critical information. Employees fill out essential information directly with the customer/after the appointment, and all data is automatically imported into your  IT system, saving significant time and money. Smart devices can be connected to a Wi-Fi network, a data plan, or used in offline mode with subsequent sync. Sales reps can monitor the execution of the sales plan, the number of appointments, quality achievements, the number of orders, at any time. Managers receive an instant overview of sales reps' performance, the ability to optimize product assortments, monitor the competition, planning tool, evaluating, and controlling sales and marketing activities, and the opportunity to provide feedback to sales representatives based on reporting.

  • Route and daily visit planning

  • Customer card and customer information

  • Payment history and invoices

  • Order (delivery) / Sales (from truck)

  • Check of goods on display

  • Reporting

  • Marketing questionnaires

  • Photographing the establishment and display

  • Printing of documents, including electronic signatures on display

Mobile Solutions for Drivers and Deliveries

An application for drivers and delivery drivers that will ensure and streamline logistics processes according to your needs. Mobile solution for manufacturing, trading, and distribution companies with their own transport. It  serves as an electronic delivery plan for drivers. Online communication and connection to the system ensure a constant overview of vehicle movements and stock levels in individual vehicles. Managers can monitor the actual progress of the route, including deviations.

  • Up-to-date daily schedule of stops/unloading

  • Retrieval

  • Payment history and invoices

  • Loading (e.g., returnable packaging)

  • Inventory of goods in the vehicle

  • GPS navigation

  • Use of electronic signatures

  • Issuing documents – invoice, delivery note

Mobile Solutions for Warehouse Workers

A full-featured mobile assistant for optimizing warehouse activities, from receiving and claims to returns, packing, inventory, dispatching, and loading onto the transport company's vehicle. It is designed especially for warehouse operators of industrial and commercial companies. The application enables the management of the entire warehouse, incl. the optimization of processes to obtain measurable results.

  • Receiving goods into the warehouse

  • RFID and barcode support

  • Direct connection to ERP/WMS

  • Warehousing

  • Dispatch

  • Inventory

  • Packaging

  • Industrial equipment support

Mobile Solutions for Service and Inspection Technicians

The solution, ensures smooth running of repairs or inspections for service and inspection technicians who provide service, maintenance, field readings, etc. The app records the progress of the procedure and its quality.

  • Daily schedule

  • Repair record

  • Instant overview of the job's progress

  • Photographic documentation

  • Warehouse

  • Parts records

  • Attachments (manuals/service documentation)

  • Direct connection to ERP

Mobile Solutions for Shop Attendants

The solution enables fully digital management of individual branches of network stores. The application is designed especially for shop attendants and store managers to ensure efficient operation and up-to-date status of the store/branch.

  • Control of goods movement

  • Receipt confirmation

  • Electronic returns/repositioning/complaints

  • Inventory of goods in the store

  • Issuance of e-shop orders

  • Status of returnable packaging

  • Printing of price tags

  • Re-pricing of goods

  • Minimum stocks

  • Planogram

Mobile Solution for Data Collection/Completion of Contracts

This is a ready-made solution in which you can easily customize your forms or questionnaires. It is an easy and fast assistant for data collection.

It is an effective cloud-based field assistant for data collection—form/questionnaire filling. It allows offline working, scheduling of employees' work, and inserting documents for each collection point (e.g., contract, manual, photo, etc.), including electronic signatures.

  • Monitoring of marketing campaigns

  • Completion of questionnaires

  • Completion and signing of contracts

  • Control activities of contractual partners

  • Service and repair activities

  • Claims handling

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