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IT Consulting

We offer comprehensive IT consulting services designed to enhance your IT efficiency, support business goals, keep you ahead of industry trends, and optimize costs. Our experts craft and implement tailored solutions to ensure the reliability,security, and cost-effectiveness of your IT environment.

Our core services include:

  • IT Service Analysis: We provide a detailed assessment of the current state of IT services within your organization.

  • Service Definition and SLA: We identify all internal and external services and establish appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters.

  • Contract Review: We evaluate the scope, quality, and pricing of services from your suppliers.

  • Business Application Support: We analyze and support business applications and information systems (ERP, CRM, SharePoint, HR systems, and more).

  • IT Infrastructure Analysis: We identify issues and propose solutions.

  • Infrastructure Design: We design new infrastructure, including cloud solutions, and analyze the need for custom infrastructure or cloud utilization.

  • Implementation of New Technologies: We introduce and integrate modern technologies into your IT environment.

  • Introduce Activity Reporting: We transparently track and report IT activities within the company.

  • Server Room Design and Preparation: e optimize and secure the server environment.

  • Selection of the Information System: We carefully analyze your needs and select the most suitable solution for your company.

  • Cost Optimization: we reduce the cost of services, systems and hardware.

  • IT Strategy: We develop strategies for information and communication technologies.

  • Tenders: We implement the entire tender process.

  • Implementation of IT Policies and Regulations: We ensure compliance with legal requirements (e.g., GDPR).

  • Process Documentation: We create detailed records and procedures for your IT infrastructure.


Our specialists are ready to assist you in optimizing and improving your IT environment to support your company's growth.

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