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Integration Solutions

RunMyProcess (RMP)

RPA software robots can Handle data, Interact with systems just as humans do, and Follow business process rules.

Information Highway

We’re a fast growing player in the field of intelligent automation services.

We work with a broad range of innovative technology partners and have top level certifications with all of the most important automation vendors.

Which means that you can lean on us for outstanding, technology-enabled services for your business. 


A strong portfolio of expertise

We have experience of delivering business automation and innovation across a wide range of industries and functions. Connecting people, processes and systems to make work flow better for everyone.


Telco, Media, Tech

✓ Telco
✓ Electronics | High Tech
✓ Media | Entertainment


Financial services

✓ Banking
✓ Insurance


Health & Public sector

✓ Healthcare
✓ Government
✓ City authority



✓ Automotive
✓ Consumer goods & services
✓ Industrial equipment
✓ Transportation services
✓ Retail
✓ Legal services



✓ Energy
✓ Utility


Sourcing & Procurement

✓ Sourcing & contracting
✓ Purchasing
✓ Vendor management


Supply chain

✓ Inventory control
✓ Material management
✓ Warehouse management
✓ Production & distribution
✓ After sales support


Finance and accounting

✓ Procure to pay
✓ Order to cash
✓ Financial planning & analysis


Talent and HR

✓ Talent management
✓ Recruitment
✓ HR administration


Customer service

✓ Customer care
✓ Social media services


Capacity solution

✓ Resource mobilization
✓ Team supplementation
✓ Backlog solving


Operational excellence

✓ Process documentation design
✓ Standardization | Optimization


Robotic Process Automation

✓ Assesment of RPA potential
✓ RPA implementation
✓ RPA infrastructure design


Service management

✓ Governance | Issue mgmt
✓ Reporting
✓ Operational change mgmt
✓ Training material design
✓ User & project team coaching


Capacity optimization

✓ Process analysis
✓ Workload mgmt framework

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