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In today's digital landscape, the smooth operation of IT systems is vital for any business's success. We provide comprehensive management and support for your IT infrastructure, including designing and setting up your server room,cloud, or complete cloud solution, enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities. Our service guarantees 100% hardware and software functionality, along with professional oversight of your servers, client stations, and network elements.


This service is perfect for organizations with one or more servers, or a substantial number of standalone PCs, who find it inefficient to hire dedicated network administrators and expensive to establish an IT department.

System support encompasses managing servers, client stations, and network elements like firewalls and switches, printers, and their continuous monitoring. Network peripherals and communication systems are included, ensuring the smooth operation of your network.

Software support offers network operating system setup and optimization, software installation and updates, application configuration, data backup, and security. We regularly update antivirus protection to safeguard you from the latest threats.

Cloud Management - MS 365, Entra (Azure) - Cloud solutions are ideal for smaller and medium-sized businesses seeking efficient tools without significant investment in IT infrastructure. This includes user onboarding, Teams and SharePoint customization, process automation, data security and backup, and user support. We can also build a dedicated, customized Cloud solution.

Design and optimization of current or future solutions. Status analysis, design of server and network infrastructure as part of service implementation.

Through remote management, e can resolve issues promptly without requiring a technician's physical presence. This service is independent of the technician's arrival time, saving you time and money.

For clarity and efficiency, we maintain detailed  dokumentation of your IT's physical and software configuration.

The service is contracted for an indefinite period, with payment through a monthly flat fee. The amount of the fee is individualized and depends on the number and type of servers, number of users, frequency of regular visits, and response speed during service intervention.

Service summary:

  • System support: supervision of servers, client stations, and network elements (firewalls, switches). Cloud-based tools such as MS365.

  • Software OS support: network operating system setup and optimization, software installation and updates, application configuration, data backup and security, virus protection updates.

  • Cloud environment management: MS 365, Entra (Azure), or solutions without large investments in own SW and HW, or customized cloud.

  • Remote administration: Instant problem resolution without physical technician intervention.

  • Documentation: Maintain detailed documentation of IT physical and software configuration.

  • Contractual terms: Service for an indefinite period, monthly flat rate according to individual parameters.

  • Design and Optimization: Design and implementation of server and network infrastructure as part of service deployment.

  • Focus: Intended for companies with one or more servers or a large number of PCs, where it is inefficient to employ your own network administrator.

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