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Our Services

Along with traditional software development, we provide specialized applications designed for communication, control, and data extraction from dedicated machines, production lines, and related hardware.

  • Surface Roughness Measurement: Applications for precise measurement and evaluation of surface roughness in manufactured parts.

  • Refractometer Readout: Our services include integration for refractometer data readout and processing.

  • Production Control: We develop comprehensive systems for controlling and monitoring production processes.

  • Test Equipment Control: Applications for controlling and operating test equipment, such as those used in pressure circuits.

Technologies and Protocols

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): We integrate/communicate with PLC systems for automation and machine control.

  • TCP/IP: We utilize the TCP/IP protocol for reliable network communication between devices.

  • UDP: For fast and efficient communication without the need for packet acknowledgement.

  • CAN BUS: We implement CAN BUS communication for real-time control and monitoring.

  • RS 232: An older but still utilized standard for serial communication with various devices.

  • Bluetooth: Wireless communication technology for connecting and controlling nearby devices.

  • OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture): An industrial automation standard that facilitates secure and reliable data exchange between systems.

The Main Advantages of Our Solutions

  • Customizability: ur applications are developed to meet specific customer needs.

  • Reliability: We ensure high reliability and stability of our solutions, which is crucial for industrial applications.

  • Compatibility: Our solutions are compatible with a wide range of industry standards and protocols.

  • Efficiency: We enhance the efficiency of manufacturing and inspection processes through accurate and fast communication with hardware.

Examples of Realizations

  • Automation of Production Lines: Applications for monitoring and controlling production lines with PLC and CAN BUS integration.

  • Quality Control: Systems for surface quality measurement and analysis, utilizing sensors and data logs.

  • Testing and Measurement: Applications for controlling test equipment, reading, and processing data from various sensors and measuring instruments.

Our specialized hardware integration applications provide efficient and accurate communication with industrial equipment, enabling our customers to enhance productivity, quality, and control within their manufacturing processes.

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