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The future of work
is connected

Our intelligent automation
expert knowledge expedites

your digital journey

We provide services over key automation and integration platforms, covering all phases of your digital program

and after care.

Our Services

Our Solutions

We use the most advanced technologies and practices to help businesses innovate faster, using many fast, low risk steps that continually balance new capabilities with old.

Integration solutions

The RunMyProcess (RMP) low-code platform integrates systems, designs workflows, ensures security, and optimizes processes to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

AI solutions

We specialize in AI solutions that connect systems and automatically process data, speeding up financial and communication processes.

Automation solutions

Combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and digital tools to increase productivity and quality, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction

We’re helping these
great companies to
achieve their better

"Collaboration of our internal RPA team with the Hyverr developers led to the robotization of more than one hundred processes, embodying trust and innovation. This cooperation freed thousands of work hours for strategic tasks and saves us 0.5M EUR annually." 


 Dalibor Pitoňák, Customer Operations Support Manager, Orange Slovakia

"We've sustained a long-term partnership with Hyverr in offering RPA services. Through this fruitful collaboration, we've successfully automated multiple processes, thereby elevating our work efficiency and reducing processing time. Hyverr stands as a reliable partner, delivering professional support while addressing our needs with utmost commitment. We are highly satisfied with this ongoing partnership."


Ing. Tomáš Kotyza, MBA, Director of the MSK Regional Authority

"Our collaboration with Hyverr in workflow automation and integrations has effectively reduced the burden of repetitive tasks with a high human touch. We take immense pride in our partnership and we are committed to nurturing this enduring relationship as we cater to our global audience's evolving needs."


Claudia Mirza, CEO, RunMyProcess

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