We are experts in putting technology to work in the field.

By combining our passion for new technology with a practical interest in the reality of work, we aim to be the team that makes field work better for everyone.

We believe that field work keeps our societies moving.

As a team, we've always valued the quiet contribution that field workers make to our quality of life. But the global pandemic of 2020 has really brought that home to everyone.

Our goal is to continually deploy technology in ways that help businesses and governments make the difficult tasks of these critical workers safer, more productive and more satisfying.

A company formed by friends to bring the benefits of new technology to people in the field.

Our founders Pavel and Jarda built their first field support systems while moonlighting at university over 15 years ago. By combining leading technology with real world problems they discovered they could make a huge difference to people working in the field. Today they continue to advance that same mission through Hyverr.

An experienced team you can trust.

Pavel and Jarda continue to run the company they founded, leading a strong team of business and technical experts that are equally obsessed with the real world of work. Together they use their extensive experience to ensure that clients are well prepared for both the present and the future of field work.

Pavel Tupec

Chief Executive Officer

Jarda Nechanicky

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Polepil

Chief Operating Officer

Michal Rusko

Chief Sales Officer

Preparing your business for the future of field work.

The last decade has seen field work transformed by mobile technology and the cloud. But with faster networks, smarter infrastructure and increasingly sophisticated robotics the next decade will be even more exciting. Our mission is to use these new waves of technology to augment and complement the skills of your critical workers operating out in the field.

For today, tomorrow and the future.


Greater access to data via mobile devices. 

Easy sharing of information in the cloud. 

Prediction and AI to improve work practices. 


Heads up displays and remote presence. 

Real time information about assets via IoT.

Remote inspection via drones. 


Remote operations using robotics. 

Local 3d fabrication of parts.

Autonomous vehicles.

Pragmatic, iterative and technology-enabled, the OKIN Group is focused on making the world of work better. With more than 4000 employees around the world, the OKIN Group incubates and grows companies that fundamentally change work for the better.

As an OKIN labs funded venture we gain access to the wealth of knowledge and resources available within the OKIN Group, helping us to advance our mission to make field work better.

Ready to make field work better?


+420 732 205 113


Velkopřevorské náměstí 488/5,

Prague, Czech Republic.

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