We build mobile applications that field workers love to use.

Using advanced technology and a unique field-based design process, we craft work experiences that improve the lives of key workers.

Making field work better.

From airports to energy and from medicine to transportation, people who work in the field are key to the successful running of our most critical services. Without such key workers, the basic services we take for granted simply stop working. 

Put simply, making field work better doesn't just make life better for key workers, it makes life better for everyone else too.

Our latest Projects

We work with some of the world's best businesses to make field work better.

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Streamlining aircraft handling for fast turnaround

Field support application for airport handlers delivers increased service levels.

Remote telematics for forest machines

Remote diagnostics & repair for off grid equipment

Automated inventory management for hospitality company

Field inventory application connects venues, suppliers & drivers for just-in-time stock.

We focus on crafting solutions that work hand in glove with the expertise of your key workers.

We spend significant time in the field, understanding real world challenges and work practices. Ensuring that our solutions really are simplifying life and improving productivity for the people who matter.

Our solutions slot perfectly into the daily routines of your most critical workers.

We hate packaged applications that squeeze workers into painful processes that don’t reflect reality. Systems designed by people in offices who just want neat dashboards. People who have never spent a single day in the field understanding the challenges of keeping critical infrastructure running in an unpredictable world.

Distributed work.

Collective intelligence.

Technology needs to be in the field. But that doesn't mean that data has to stay there.
Our cloud-connected solutions ensure that field managers can maintain full visibility of every aspect of work. Because getting all of the little details right means seeing the big picture.

Our smart technology gets useful automation into the field, fast.

Proven, field-tested technologies to accelerate roll out for the most demanding use cases. Secure, rugged and reliable. Fully integrated with existing devices, machinery and back office systems. Balancing the ideal fit and flexibility of custom development with the built-in expertise and accelerated delivery of packaged applications.

Making field work better. For everyone.

Field workers

Dump bureaucracy, pointless box ticking and infuriating systems with technology built to fit your flow.

Field managers

Eliminate unnecessary work, cut time per job and gain real-time visibility and control of all field activities.

IT managers

Replace outdated packaged systems with modern, easy to operate and fully integrated mobile solutions.


Boost profitability by streamlining field ops, lowering staff turnover and maximizing asset utilization.

From field force to sales force

(and everything in between)

Our smart solutions empower anyone who works in the field. Workers maintaining infrastructure in the most extreme conditions. Logistics and transport workers keeping us moving. Medical workers needing the most up to date information in the palm of their hand. Hospitality workers keeping us fed, rested and entertained. Field sales workers bringing home the business.

In the field? We've got your back.

Ready to make field work better?


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Velkopřevorské náměstí 488/5,

Prague, Czech Republic.

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